Curriculum Vitae


Master of Science, Botany – Field Naturalist Program, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT (2006)

Bachelor of Science, Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation and Management; Minor: African-American Music & Jazz/Guitar, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (2000)


Green Berkshires, Mount Washington, MA (2021) – Botanical inventory & natural community mapping

Mass Audubon, Easthampton, MA (2021) – Rare plant surveys

Kestrel Land Trust, Amherst, MA (2007-21) – GIS mapping; baseline documentation reports; natural resource inventories; conservation restriction monitoring

Hilltown Land Trust, Ashfield, MA (2018-21) – Baseline documentation reports, management plan

FHI Studio, Hartford, CT (2021) – Rare plant survey; plant species list

ESS Group, Waltham, MA & East Providence, RI (2021) – Plant sampling; rare plant survey

Shutesbury Conservation Commission, Shutesbury, MA (2017-21) – Baseline documentation report; conservation restriction monitoring

Oxbow Associates, Boxborough, MA (2021) – Wood turtle & rare plant surveys

Broad Brook Coalition, Northampton, MA (2021) – Insect survey

Private landowner, South Deerfield, MA (2021) – Botanical inventory

Town of Southborough, MA (2020-21) – Botanical inventories

Eagle Hill Institute, Steuben, ME (2018-21) – Natural history seminars: Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates; Leaf and Stem Mining Insects

North Branch Nature Center, Montpelier, VT (2020-21) – Natural history courses: Bugs in Winter: Insects and Other Invertebrates in the Cold; Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates.

Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, Westborough, MA (2008-13, 2017, 2021) – Surveys for rare plants and animals; GIS mapping of rare plant habitat; fact sheet writing; vernal pool certification

Hogback Mountain Conservation Association, Marlboro, VT (2018-19) – Biodiversity inventory (report available here)

City of Westfield, MA (2018) – Baseline documentation report

Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Pittsfield, MA (2007, 2010-11, 2013-17) – Natural resource inventories / baseline documentation reports; rare species surveys

City of Easthampton, Easthampton, MA (2017) – Baseline documentation report

UMass Landscape Ecology Lab, Amherst, MA (2000-02, 2007-09, 2013-16) – Plant sampling; natural community classification; assisted with study of marbled salamanders and other vernal pool animals

Alford Land Trust, Alford, MA (2015) – Botanical inventory

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA (2015) – Co-created and co-taught a January term course, Ecology Through Animal Tracking

Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Topsham, ME (2012-14) – Natural resource inventories

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA (2010-11, 2014) – Co-created and co-taught a January term course, Ecology Through Animal Tracking

Sturbridge Conservation Commission, Sturbridge, MA (2013) – Natural resource inventories / baseline documentation reports

Polatin Ecological Services, Gill, MA (2007-08, 2012) – Rapid ecological assessment; natural resource inventory

Native Geographic, Pike, NH (2012) – Mammal tracking surveys for the Staying Connected Initiative

Hadley Conservation Commission, Hadley, MA (2011) – Animal tracking survey; vernal pool survey

The Trustees of Reservations, Holyoke, MA (2010) – Botanical inventory

Winooski Valley Park District, Burlington, VT (2005-08) – Natural resource inventories; bobcat tracking study; wildlife corridor study

Mass Audubon Ecological Extension Service, Lincoln, MA (2006-07) – Ecological inventory of state Wildlife Management Areas

Landscape Analysis, South Burlington, VT (2006-07) – Botanical inventory; natural community classification; natural history walk

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, Concord, NH (2006) – Plant sampling; natural community classification; rapid ecological assessments

Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Burlington, VT (2003-06) – Breeding bird surveys

University of Vermont Botany Department, Burlington, VT (2005) – Teaching fellow (Introduction to Botany; Systematics & Phylogeny)

Braddock Bay Bird Observatory, Rochester, NY (2001-04) – Migratory bird banding

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH (2002) – Assisted with long-term study of black-throated blue warblers

Pelham Conservation Commission, Pelham, MA (2002) – Vernal Pool Certification

Klamath Bird Observatory, Ashland, OR (2001) – Breeding bird banding and surveys

The Nature Conservancy, Middletown, CT (2000) – Rapid ecological assessments; natural community classification

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Amherst, MA (1998) – Forest inventory


Permaculture Design Certificate (2011)

Track & Sign III, CyberTracker Conservation (2007)

Bander, North American Banding Council (2003)


Listed on this page.


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Identifying Leafminers: Animal Tracking on a Tiny Scale [workshop]; Leafminers of North America. The Northeast Natural History Conference [Online] (2021).

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Life Between the Epidermises. Berkshire Natural History Conference, Sheffield, MA (2018).

Leafminers of Nantucket and Beyond. Combined Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterists’ Society and Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica, Ottawa, ON (2018).

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