I am available to lead natural history walks, either with a specific focus such as vernal pool ecology or wildflower identification, or with a “wandering” approach in which we explore whatever plants, animals, fungi, etc. a particular place and time has to offer. I also offer insect-themed slide show presentations.

2022 Schedule

January 8 – Afternoon speaker at annual meeting of The Ohio Lepidopterists, Columbus, OH

July 31-August 6 – Insect Tracks & Sign seminar, Eagle Hill Institute, Steuben, ME

August 13 – Plant / insect walk, Berkshire Natural Resources Council, Great Barrington, MA

September 4 – Insect / leafminer walk, Distant Hill Gardens, Walpole, NH

September 17 – Insect walk, Wachusett Bioblitz, Princeton, MA

2023 Schedule

July 16-21 – Plenary speaker at International Congress of Dipterology, Reno, NV