I am available to lead natural history walks, either with a specific focus such as vernal pool ecology or wildflower identification, or with a “wandering” approach in which we explore whatever plants, animals, fungi, etc. a particular place and time has to offer. I also offer insect-themed slide show presentations.

Together with Noah Charney, I offer workshops on animal tracking (both vertebrate and invertebrate).  You can find details for our joint events here, and some examples of our mammal tracking workshops here.

2017 Schedule

March 25 – Slide show / talk (Native Plants as Insect Habitat) at the Connecticut Botanical Society’s semiannual meeting, Rockfall, CT

April 21 – Slide show / talk (Leafminers) at the Connecticut Entomological Society’s annual meeting, New Haven, CT

April 23 – Vernal pool walk for Nature All Year club in Amherst area, MA

August 25-27 – Slide show / talk and field trip at “On the Trail of E. Lucy Braun”, Shawnee State Park, OH (hosted by the Midwest Native Plant Society and the Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society)

November 3-5 – Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative biennial research conference

November 18 – Slide show / talk at Fall Meeting of the New England Entomological Society, Millers River Environmental Center, Athol, MA

2018 Schedule

February 11 – “Insects in Winter” program for Nature All Year club in Amherst, MA

July 29 – Week-long “Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates” workshop at Eagle Hill Institute, ME (see flyer)