I am available to lead natural history walks, either with a specific focus such as vernal pool ecology or wildflower identification, or with a “wandering” approach in which we explore whatever plants, animals, fungi, etc. a particular place and time has to offer. I also offer insect-themed slide show presentations.

2021 Schedule

January 3 to February 21 – Online course: “Bugs in Winter: Insects and Other Invertebrates in the Cold.” Hosted by North Branch Nature Center. This course includes pre-recorded lectures, and the live discussions are also being recorded, so new participants can join at any time or purchase the course “on demand” after it is done; details here.

January 28 – Online presentation: insect sign in winter, 7 – 8:30 PM. Sponsored by Mass Audubon Education; register here.

February 16 – “Backyard Bug Biodiversity” online talk for Pittsfield Green Drinks, 6 – 7 PM.

March 9 – “Native Plants as Insect Habitat” online slideshow/talk for Northfield Bird Club, Northfield, MA, 5:30-6:30 PM.

April 15-16 – Northeast Natural History Conference: Thursday, 3-5 PM workshop, “Identifying Leafminers: Animal Tracking on a Tiny Scale”; Friday, 3:30-3:54 PM, “Leafminers of North America” (part of the “New Natural History Books” session).

April 21 – Online leafminer talk for Pacific Coast Entomological Society, 6 PM (Pacific time).

April 27 – Guest speaker at Cornell University’s Undergraduate Entomology Club

April 29 – May 27 (every Thursday, 8-10PM eastern time): Leaf and Stem Mining Insects of the Southern USA online seminar hosted by Eagle Hill Institute (application/tuition information here; flyer here; application form here)

August 7 – Insect talk/walk for American Rock Garden Society, Stockbridge, MA

August 14 – Forest insect tracking walk for Rensselaer Land Trust, East Nassau, NY

August 20 – Presentation on leafminer identification resources at the Lepidopterists’ Society’s annual meeting (online)

September 18 – Insect walk at Mt. Wachusett BioBlitz, Princeton, MA

September 27 –  Online leafminer talk for Austin Butterfly Forum, 7 PM (Central time).

October 24 – Invertebrate tracking walk at Northeast Wildlife Trackers conference, Rowe, MA

November 16 – Online talk about insect signs on vegetation for UConn Master Gardener Program

December 2 – Online talk, “Local Insects and Spiders in Winter,” for Dickinson Memorial Library, Northfield, MA

2022 Schedule

January 8 – Afternoon speaker at annual meeting of The Ohio Lepidopterists, Columbus, OH

2023 Schedule

July 16-21 – Plenary speaker at International Congress of Dipterology, Reno, NV