I am available to lead natural history walks, either with a specific focus such as vernal pool ecology or wildflower identification, or with a “wandering” approach in which we explore whatever plants, animals, fungi, etc. a particular place and time has to offer. I also offer insect-themed slide show presentations, and my online course, “Bugs in Winter,” is always available here on-demand.

2023 Schedule

April 13 – Zoom talk for Greening Greenfield’s “Lawns to Meadows” series

April 23 – “Native Plants as Insect Habitat” talk, Wendell, MA

May 1 – Nature walk for Western Mass City Nature Challenge, New Salem, MA

July 16-21 – Plenary speaker at International Congress of Dipterology, Reno, NV

early August – Instructor at the Lepidoptera Course, Southwestern Research Station, Portal, AZ

August 26 – Leafminer (etc.) walk at Aton Forest, Norfolk, CT

Sept 16 – Insect tracking walk at Fitzgerald Lake Conservation Area, Northampton, MA

Sept 23 – Leafminer talk at Berkshire Biodiversity Day, Egremont, MA

2024 Schedule

January 9 – Leafminer webinar for Maine Entomological Society

April 26 – Entomology department seminar at Penn State University

August 4-9 – “Leaf and Stem Mining Insects” seminar at Eagle Hill Institute, Steuben, MEĀ