I am available to lead natural history walks, either with a specific focus such as vernal pool ecology or wildflower identification, or with a “wandering” approach in which we explore whatever plants, animals, fungi, etc. a particular place and time has to offer. I also offer insect-themed slide show presentations.

2019 Schedule

March 23 – Presentation at Western Mass Master Gardener Association, South Deerfield, MA

April 26-27, May 4 – Vernal pool workshop for Wild & Scenic Westfield River, western MA

May 19 – Insect tracks & sign walk, Pioneer Valley Institute, Montague, MA

May 25 – Insect tracking walk for Wild & Scenic Westfield River, western MA

July 14 – Herbivorous insects walk for the Hitchcock Center’s “Nature All Year” club, Montague, MA

July 28 to August 3 – “Leaf and Stem Mining Insects” workshop at Eagle Hill Institute, ME (see flyer; information about cost is here; application form here)

August 10 – Insect tracking walk at Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, West Brattleboro, VT

August 24 – Pollinator/insect walk for Kestrel Land Trust, Amherst, MA

September 21 – Insect tracking walk for Broad Brook Coalition, Northampton, MA

October 5 – Insect tracking walk for The Naturalists’ Club, Russell, MA