Ecological Services

boxturtleI have been conducting plant and wildlife surveys and natural resource inventories throughout New England and New York for over 20 years.  My clients include nonprofits, state agencies, academic institutions, and private landowners.

My surveys are tailored to your interests and budget. Do you have a general desire to know about the habitat value of your property, or are you especially excited to know what large mammals are using it? Do you want an exhaustive list of plants on the site, or a targeted search for rare species? Are you interested in a detailed report, complete with photographs and maps, or would you rather simply spend a few hours exploring the area with a knowledgeable naturalist?

A rapid ecological assessment might entail a single visit to a property, in which I describe the major habitat types, list the dominant and noteworthy plant and animal species I encounter, and give my opinion of the site’s most important ecological features along with management possibilities. A more complete natural resource inventory (like this one) ideally includes visits at different times of the year, and may include any combination of the following:

•   Rare species search
•   Botanical inventory
•   Wildlife inventory
•   Natural community classification and mapping
•   Vernal pool documentation
•   Trail mapping
•   Inventory of cultural features (e.g. stone walls, cellar holes)
•   Invasive species mapping
•   Management recommendations
•   Photographic documentation

flyingsqIf you are interested in a survey, please contact me for pricing and to discuss what you have in mind.